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 Trinity Appraisal Services REO and Appraisal Fraud

Problem and even predatory mortgages have flourished right along with the rest of Florida's residential real estate boom, as buyers, sellers and lenders alike stretched the notion of a "suitable" home loan. In many cases, residential real estate sales were driven by the availability of exotic mortgages. Adjustable rate mortgages, interest only mortgages, and unscrupulous lending practices were characteristics of the recent, record setting run up in real estate values. 1% teaser rates and bait and switch rates have now spelled trouble for many homeowners as the alarm clock of reality has slapped them in the face. Unfortunately, the hangover of reality has seen the recent explosion of foreclosed properties left in the hands of lenders.

We work specifically with lenders, governmental agencies, mortgage investors, and insurers who want to investigate and uncover fraudulent, misleading and misrepresented real property analysis and valuation.  Fraudulent, misleading and misrepresented appraisals are common and have led to the lending of millions of dollars on overvalued property. Mortgage insurers have found it especially beneficial to examine appraisals as well. We have saved insurers millions of dollars by proving fraud in the original appraisal
Trinity Appraisal Services offers many R.E.O related products and services, which includes:
  • Risk Mitigation Issues

  • Collateral Assessment Issues

  • Pre Funding Quality Control

  • Post Funding Quality Control

  • Predatory Lending Reviews

  • Compliance Reviews

  • Drive-by Appraisals

  • Review Appraisals

  • Bulk Appraisal Reviews

  • R.E.O Liquidation Appraisals

In the first stages of default, we can provide cost effective options for lenders. This would typically be some form of a drive by appraisal product and can be delivered within 24 hours. We can also examine the original appraisal to determine if there are any anomalies with the original value conclusion.

If the property has been foreclosed on, we can offer assistance in determining the current value, estimation of repairs, and possible liquidation measures. We will have the property inspected by ourselves and if need be, by a licensed home inspector. We will then work in conjunction to offer our opinions to the client.

If your underwriting staff has detected "Special Problem Appraisal Reports," or your company has been faced with poor quality appraisal reports, mortgage loan investment loses or if you are faced with the high cost of pre and post funding appraisal review reporting, call us at Trinity Appraisal Services, to unearth the truth about any appraisal or property in a professional and cost efficient manner.

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Trinity Appraisal Services

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Certified Residential Appraiser RD-5410

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