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Where to Find Information Regarding How to Appeal or Grieve Your Property Taxes

Property Tax Grievance guidelines vary widely by State and sometimes even by municipalities within a state.    A successful real estate tax appeal in most areas of the country is based upon first establishing the market value of your property. In order to reduce your property taxes you must prove that the value of your property is less than the valuation assigned by your assessing district (according to state law in most states, the assessment is deemed to be correct, and the burden of proof, falls on the petitioner-homeowner to prove otherwise). A recent arms length sale of the subject property is the best evidence. If the property was not recently purchased, or the purchase was not at arms length (as in an inter-family sale, foreclosure or other sale made under conditions of distress), an appraisal by a state certified appraiser is the next best type of evidence, which is typically used to prove value of your home throughout the process.


How to Pay Your Audit Assessment and Notice of Taxpayer Rights
Florida Department of Revenue - Appeals are typically filed within 25 days of mailing of value notice with the Property Appraisal Adjustment Board


How to Appeal a Property Tax Assessment   Appeals are typically filed within 30 days from mailing of notice of assessment with the County Board of Tax Assessors


The State Board of Equalization  
Appeal of Property Tax Assessments   Each County Assessor mails to each property owner a written notice of the value of his property in the month of December. If you believe the valuation is incorrect, you may appeal to your local County Board of Equalization. The appeal must be filed no later than January 15. The County Assessor can provide you with the procedure to be followed. Any tax payer who appealed to the County Board of Equalization and does not agree with the determination, may file an appeal with the State Board of Equalization. The appeal must be filed not later than March 10th of each year. Contact the Department for the procedure to be followed.

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